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If we fail to deliver the traffic we promise in the amount you specified with your order or in our quoted time frame, we will refund your money with . absolutely no questions asked!

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Selling web traffic as never been so easy and secure! With the expired-targeted.com reseller program, you can buy real traffic at wholesale prices.
How does it work?

You will receive your login information to access our unbranded stats site as a reseller. That will give you the ability to set up your traffic campaigns by yourself 24/7. All countries and categories listed on our website are also available for our resellers. Traffic campaigns submitted by resellers are reviewed and activated manually within 2-3 hours by our traffic campaign administrators. You can also contact us by phone, live chat or email support which are available 20 hours a day and 7 days a week if you have a custom request.

As a reseller you will have the traffic campaigns you submit completed within 30 days or faster. We can configure a traffic campaign to be delivered slower or faster as per your request. We are always happy and present to assist our resellers.

What you should know before ordering:

- You can request a refund if you are not satisfied by the traffic during the first 5 days of your order. The refund will be issued for the traffic credits remaining in your account and there is a cancellation fee of $50 applied.

- Google Analytic and other click tracking systems do NOT track our redirected visits properly but all other counter providers such as www.statcounter.com and www.extremetracking.com so please include this to your terms of service to avoid problems with your customers who are using google analytic.

We do not accept sites which include:

1) Additional popup windows.
2) Frame breaking scripts.

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